Alexander Technique

freedom in your body

freedom in your life


An Alexander teacher will help you learn to use your body the way it was designed to work, free from tension and stress


So, what exactly is the Alexander Technique..?


…something you can learn to use every day

It’s the small things that make the difference - everyday actions like standing and sitting, walking, bending, writing, talking. Our tension patterns are mostly unconscious, they are part of what makes up ‘normal’ for each individual. But these tension patterns will eventually result in unnecessary wear and tear or even illness and injury unless we learn to stop repeating them.


…a way out of compression

…a way into lightness and ease

Start to enjoy your body again. Love being in your body. Instead of a body you need to bully into doing what you tell it, you can learn to listen and enjoy it. As you increase your body awareness you become more tuned in to what your body is telling you.


…how to make the most of what you are

With the help and guidance of a trained Alexander teacher you can learn to recognise and change behaviour patterns that are impeding the realisation of your full potential. These patterns are largely unconscious and wrapped up with what you ‘feel’. And feeling is believing.

Try the AT and dare to challenge what you think you know.


When you stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing does itself.
— F.M. Alexander

Did you ever stop to wonder?

Even seemingly simple things like walking, talking, eating are in fact incredibly complex operations involving coordination of muscles, tendons, vision, balance, nerves to name but a few.

Every single one of these mundane actions has had be to painstakingly learned. Just think - how many times have does a child fall over when learning to stand? And your first driving lesson? Through practice comes coordination.

We don’t need to think about it

Luckily for us these skills once acquired are filed away in our brains and can usually be called up on auto-pilot. We don’t need to think about it.

As we go through life we lay down layers of tension in our muscles and fascia and these become absorbed into the auto-pilot program. We complain of more aches and stiffness and wonder at what we used to be able to do as kids.

Feel like a child again

Working with the Alexander Technique you can peel off those layers of tension that have become unconscious habit. The result is a sense of freedom and ease in your own body and the way it moves.

It is a lot more than posture. On one level it is about coordination and moving with less wear and tear on your back and joints. And at a deeper level it is about connecting your whole self – mind, body and emotions.