What to expect?

An Alexander lesson lasts between 40 and 50 minutes. You won’t need anything special, just loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

The teacher may work with you on simple movements like standing and sitting or walking. Part of the lesson may involve lying down, either on a padded work table or the floor. And there will always be a combination of verbal explanation and gentle non-invasive hands-on work.



How many lessons will I need?

When you start to learn something new, a little and often is the motto. We learn better in small doses rather than bouts of intensive concentration. Especially body learning. There are no exercises in the Alexander Technique, instead you practise puttng your awareness into everyday activities.

It is difficult to say how many lessons you will need. Some people feel they have learned enough after 5 lessons, others continue for years. I suggest a course of 10 lessons.

There is no limit to the amount you can learn about yourself.


Cost of lessons:

2 lessons per week $100

single lesson $60