Alexander Technique is something you take with you

Life throws us many challenges.

Learning to react to these challenges without losing our balance is one of the cornerstones of Alexander work.

It is an essential tool for living.

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  • Your body will always reflect the way you use it.

  • If you spend a lot of time in one position your posture will eventually mould into that shape. And that leads to all kinds of discomfort and disease.

    However, if you got yourself into it then you can also get yourself out of it. It’s not a quick fix, but with patience and determination it is a lasting one.

  • Posture is about being in the flow. It is not about being right or wrong.

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  • Some people seem to be able to move with effortless grace. Some of us, less so. But nearly everyone can learn to move better.

  • We are never still, even when we think we are motionless. Our body is always breathing, balancing, pulsing.

  • Our skeleton is not a set of stacking blocks, but a living, moving organism which is in a constant flux of stimulus and response.

  • Move more efficiently and you will avoid wear and tear while lifting, walking, running or dancing. The results are visible.



  • Experience greater calm and clearer decision-making.

  • Be in control of your life as you learn to control your reactions on a subtle psycho-physical level.

  • Face the demands that make up the bombardments of modern-day life, and boost your ability to multi-task.