walking on air

I trained in the UK under Danny McGowan, qualifying as a full teaching member of STAT in 2015. Since then I have taught individuals and groups in the UK, Italy and New Zealand.

I take continuing professional development seriously, keeping abreast of trends in neuroscience and medical research. I have also studied body mapping with US teacher Robyn Avalon.

I first came across the Alexander Technique when I was a student at Cambridge University and took lessons. They helped me not to hunch over my books. They also made me feel as if I was walking on air.

After living in the UK, Germany and most recently Calabria in southern Italy, I now live on Waiheke Island with my partner and three children.

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Punctuation in a busy day

AT makes sense. It is a technique that is wholly down-to-earth but has emotional and spiritual benefits.

I am fascinated by the interplay of mind and body, body and mind. We are in a constant flow of movement and change. As we go through life it is easy to crumple, but gravity doesn’t need to make us stooped and heavy. Understanding our postural mechanisms keeps us going forward, and up.

What a discovery! Lauren guides you with passion, enthusiasm, humour and an extraordinary sensitivity towards the discovery of your own body, and through the body to your very core
— Daniele, carpenter and artist
I was stressed, I had lots of issues with my posture and a constant sensation of weakness in my spine. Lauren made me feel perfectly at my ease. She succeeded in lifting me out of my pessimistic mindset and giving me a way to keep in touch with myself.
— gabriele, motorcyclist and designer