There are lots of different ways you can learn more about the Alexander Technique. Find the way that suits you best and come find out for yourself.


Free introductory workshop

Come and learn more about your amazing anatomy and how your body was designed to work. Through games and activities we explore the way we think and move. With lots of practical tips…

You’ll go home with plenty of food for thought - and action.


Group courses

Whether you had Alexander lessons a long time ago or are a complete beginner, a group context can be the perfect way to learn from each other and explore your own movement habits. The sessions will be a balance of practical hands-on work and learning the AT principles of inhibition and direction.

Currently looking at the possibility of a Tuesday evening class. Please get in contact to register your interest. Weekly groups will run with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 participants.


Back to basics - back care

starting Thurs. 30th May 5.15-5.45pm

Your body is beautiful with the Alexander Technique copy.jpg

This six-week course is designed to give you the tools you need to look after your back, avoid pain and increase your resilience. In just half an hour per week learn to lift, walk, bend, work, rest and balance more efficiently.

Individual lessons

One-to-one lessons offer the opportunity to tailor the technique to your individual needs. The teacher works with you directly to identify and change unconscious habits that influence your everyday well-being. In a lesson you get lots of hands-on guidance and body learning.


On-site coaching

Because AT is about thinking in activity a teacher can give you invaluable advice to help you realise your potential. Through some basic body awareness and specific tips relevant to your field just one session with an AT teacher can boost your performance as a team and as an individual.